Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Update Your Profile, Update Your Life

So today I changed all my profile information here on Blogger. Well, actually I decided I hated my old Google account name and wanted a new Gmail address, so I got one, added myself as a team contributor to this blog, and then treacherously back-stabbed my old email out and declared my new account the sole author. I know I was only betraying myself, but there was still an odd, Stalinesque rush to it.

Anyway, this required me to fill out an all-new profile for myself. Now, you'd think this would be easy for me, what with so much practice from MySpace, Facebook, and imeem (though I'll admit that last one has almost no personal information on it whatsoever), but it really wasn't. I'm sitting here looking at this page, and it's asking me all of these probing questions like "Favorite Music?" and I just froze. So what did I do? Looked up my Facebook profile, of course! Surely my Facebook life is the truest representation of me, right? Well, it turns out I don't even like half that stuff anymore! Justin Timberlake? Sevigny? Great people, but favorite music? I'm not so sure. The MySpace is even worse - I haven't listened to Peter Eldridge for, like, a year (again, he's great, but how can he be a favorite if I don't listen at least once a month?). So for this latest profile, I have endeavored to look inside myself and actually only write down people and things that I'd actually consider favorites, and let me tell you, it was not easy to do. So when I say The Last Unicorn is one of my favorite books, I mean that I routinely reread and even quote from it. Likewise, when I say I'm interested in Free Stuff, I mean I'm really interested in Free Stuff. So I hope you all don't go taking this for granted. I haven't taken such an honest assessment of myself since I wrote my Identity Book in 7th Grade. Wow.

Also, this made me laugh, so I thought I'd share. It comes from xkcd. Click to enlarge and all that jazz.