Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Still Love You, WGA.

I just discovered the Speechless campaign, which is basically an ongoing series of videos meant to demonstrate SAG's solidarity with the WGA. As of right now there are about 30 videos in total, and I love them all. I've chosen to repost a few of my favorites here - behold!*

As I said, there are many others and they're all wonderful, so I strongly suggest that you watch them all. If you want to know more about the WGA strike, you can start with the website for the Writers Guild of America, West. Or I guess you can just look it up on Wikipedia (I hear their article's actually pretty good).

*And by that I mean, "Please watch them!"

Special thanks to my sometime hero and all-the-time MySpace friend, Zach Braff, for directing me to these lovely videos.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A New Layout For a New Year

In case you didn't notice, it's a new year! Incurable optimist that I am (they've got researchers working round the clock to fix me, don't you worry), I've every hope this year will be miles better than the last. I've got a light semester ahead of me, lots of wonderful performance opportunities to look forward to, and a general feeling of tangy lightness that I interpret as a favorable premonition for the future. In lieu of New Year's Resolutions (I made some New School Year's Resolutions back in September, if you remember, which somehow led to my bleaching out my hair), I'm in the midst of a lifestyle makeover. So far the results are fabulous. I'll try for a better update when it's not 2 AM. In the meantime, here are three New Year's Firsts:

First Meal of 2008
Sugar-free ice cream & peanut butter. Also popcorn.

First Buyer's Remorse of 2008

Inexplicable really, considering it's rather adorable and I bought it with a gift card. If you're wondering, it's from Forever 21.

First Movie of 2008

Which I found quite delightful, really.

In other news, a comment I made on Glamocracy, a political blog hosted by (I know, I know), was cited as one of the "Comments of the Week" this week. I know they only get, like, 10 comments per week, but all the same I'm weirdly proud of myself. Funny how even attention from people I do not and will never know makes me feel important. Then again, just about everything makes me feel important.

Happy New Year everyone!